Treatment of tinea pedis is not difficult. Oral itraconazole 100mg bd with topical ketoconazole cream will give a very good result. However, recurrence is inevitable if tinea unguium is left untreated as the fungi will go from the toenails to infect the skin of the feet again. It is very important to treat the infected toenails as well. The treatment of the toenails might need a few months’ oral antifungal plus topical nail lacquer.

腳癬治療並不困難.口服 Itraconazole每日2次,每次100mg並外塗Ketoconazole cream效果良好. 然而,如果留下甲癬不治癒,脚癬肯定會復發,因為趾甲的真菌將重新感染脚部的皮膚.因此,同時治療甲癬非常重要.


There is whitish, macerated hyperkeratosis in the first webspace.

圖示第一趾蹼白色浸漬的角化過度( 脚癬)

This picture shows subungual hyperkeratosis and onycholysis.


This is tinea unguium of right big toenail. This is the subtype of ‘distal and lateral onychomycosis’. The nail shows whitish discoloration on the distal part of the nail and on the lateral sides.

圖示右趾甲癬.本例屬於遠端及甲側 甲真菌病亞型.相片顯示 趾甲遠端及側面變色.


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Heavy scaling and peeling is found.